Primarily grown in British Columbia, it also can be found in western Washington and Oregon. In addition, wooden fence is more affordable than other fencing materials, such as steel or iron. It produces a similar visual but at a fraction of the cost. Among the most decay-resistant species are those in the cedar family, including Western red cedar and Eastern white cedar. Red cedar is, for example, not as hard as yellow pine, making it more vulnerable to gouges and scratches when used in applications such as deck flooring. Economic Alternative Ontario White Cedar is the economic alternative to B.C. Cedar is a softwood like pine but is tougher and more resistant overall, able to withstand the outdoor elements without requiring treatment. I wonder if you would be kind enough Cons of Cedar The primary con of cedar is that it is expensive compared to many other fencing materials. Cedar Wood Vs Pine Wood Fence Cost. if(mName==10) Month="October"; Beams in barns would not be made of cedar, but stronger woods such as ash, oak and maple. One bidder recommends Western Red Cedar over white cedar, despite a slight additional cost, because he says the white cedar has been warping more than the Western Red Cedar this year. When comparing cedar and vinyl fencing it is important to consider the upfront costs as well as additional costs for long-term maintenance and care. We can help you make the right decision. Western red cedar is highly stable to the point where there is minimal shrinkage when used to build a fence, meaning your fence will stay straight and sturdy for the long haul. Cedar and pressure treated wood. Homeowners often see it as a high-end material. White cedar is the most expensive of the three types of cedar, while the red is the most affordable. Fences may be designed to keep animals in, or they may be designed to keep people out. A Concise Comparison of Cedar Vs Pine Fence. In addition, in areas like Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Cedarburg, Mequon, Glendale and Menomonee Falls white cedar is simply the more environmentally friendly choice because it’s local. However, many people know Western Red Cedar for its rustic, resilient furniture. Buying treated wood or treating it yourself will increase the lifespan of any wood fence. The other bidder deals Cedar deck stain (Wikimedia Commons/Opwdecks) Cedar’s main drawback is cost: It’s more expensive than spruce or composite. Southern yellow pine prevails in the Midwest and southeast; this strong, durable wood is also economical. The fence doesn’t need to be treated in a special way to keep it in good condition. Call the better Redwood mulch has a stunning red color that may look great against your home and plants. Anything is possible, but I have never seen excessive warping of cedar of any kind in over For keeping the low budget, you can choose the cedar wood fence that’s not lost about the performance. Also referred to as "swamp cedar" and "northern white cedar," eastern white cedar are found most abundantly in eastern Canada and the eastern and central forests in the U.S. It is much weaker than Eastern red cedar; specific gravity (SG) is 0.31, versus 0.47 for red. PEOPLE ARE SAYING. Pine is a very dense wood that provides considerable strength. The northern variety proves less dense than western red cedar, contributing to good workability with power and hand tools. We only use Northern White Cedar to ensure you get the most out of your fence investment. Canoe builders use the wood to fashion their boats. Always check references of contractors to see if they back their work. Cedar: Ask any DIYer or building professional and they’ll tell you the same thing: cedar is a durable wood, but it’s also incredibly lightweight so it’s easy to move around the worksite. Cedar and redwood have nearly identical tips for cleaning, color restoration and finishing. This is especially true when it comes to wider versus narrow fence boards. // String to display current date. Author: Frank R. Hoover, Hoover Fence warped boards speaks well of his integrity, considering the fact that he didn't grow the Appearance grades use letters A through D, with A being the highest grade. Western red cedar is the most durable cedar variety. He says that 25 years+ in the fence business However, the good news is one can prevent knots with thorough inspection. Cedar also has many indoor uses for items like wardrobes, chests, and musical instruments and is popular for its red look and unique grain. Cedar is a very stable wood. cedar board that may warp. Red n White Cedar is extremely proud of our Wood Ontario designation. Western Red Cedar balcony. Cedar Vs. FAQ. In some cases, rotting or warping posts have shortened the lives of wooden fences. has been warping more than the Western Red Cedar this year. Can’t decide between white cedar and red cedar fencing? Although, all of the woods has the natural color but it shows the different natural color. Western red cedar is also the clearest and most decay resistant cedar and, because it comes from the largest trees, it can yield a larger variety of dimensional lumber. When properly finished, our Classic Victorian Western Red Cedar Picket Fence will last for decades, even in harsh environments. if(mName==6) Month="June"; Do It Yourself Redwood fencing has grown in popularity along the Pacific coast. In terms of physical characteristics, cedar differs from pressure-treated lumber because of differences in wood species apart from their decay resistance. Red cedar and white cedar are the most popular types of wooden fencing. AXE | Posted in General Discussion on September 18, 2004 02:01am I am researching the purchase of cedar shingles for my house. Cedar wood is straight, tight grain and lack of knots make for optimal fence material. LONG VERSION: Western Red Cedar: This species of lumber is best for any type of board or picket fence – as long as the bottom of the fence is not continually touching the ground. Cedar naturally resists insect damage and rot. if(dName==6) Day = "Friday"; White cedar tends to cost the most for fences and decks. Both materials contain natural oils and are easy to work with. For a full overview of pine and cedar fencing costs, see the table breakdown towards the bottom of this page. This is especially true when it comes to narrow versus wider fence boards. Western Red Cedar is one of the world's most durable woods. There are many pros and cons to each cedar and pine wood fencing, these are explored in detail below, however the following table provides a brief overview of pine wood vs cedar fencing. if(mName==11) Month="November"; Many fence companies provide a 10-year warranty on the cedar boards used in their fences. Generally speaking, the top choices of material are either Western Red Cedar or Pressure Treated Pine planks and posts. White vs. Red Cedar Shingles Homeowners looking into installing cedar shingles for their siding are often faced with two main choices: white or red. Request a free quote online. Western Red Cedar contains natural tannin oils that protect it from weathering, rotting, decay, and termite damage. One bidder recommends Western Red The cedar wood’s straight, tight grain make it for optimal fence material. Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar are coniferous members of the Cypress family. Here’s a brief comparison of red and white cedar: Generally speaking, both white and red cedar fences are. and Alberta. Cedar wood fences stand the test of time, and look great decades after installation. For example the cedar and the redwood that appears the different color of the wood. It gives a warm, inviting and comforting feel to any space. cedar for example. document.write(""+todaysDate+""); Wood is one of the most widely used fencing options in the country. It’s less prone to knotting. Red Cedar usually lasts 7 to 15 years. Northern White Cedar, the type we use, is especially rot resistant, so it can last 15 to 30 years. between the two low bidders concerning the cedar fence material for the solid board fence. Red cedar is slightly stronger than white cedar. We’re not telling you which material to choose, but, in Central Texas, we can tell you that cedar is more popular. installed by this contractor and there is little or no warping to speak of. Economic alternative Ontario White Cedar is the economoc alternative to B.C. United Home Experts has experience working with both types of cedar shingles. // Write date to page. Northern white cedar might last half that long. Cedar fence materials will last 20-30 years or more, depending on the species. Fence … In general, redwood fencing will be more expensive than cedar due to the relative scarcity of the redwood tree. Given the variables you presented, I would Pressure treated (PT) pine boards can warp and shrink as quickly as one month after installation. Both are beautiful in their own right, but if you’re planning to use a tinted stain or paint your deck or timbers you might want to go with cedar because it co… Both white cedar and red cedar can air dry easily. I have not seen a difference in warping between red or white cedar. Now look at the increasing number of PEST CONTROL COMPANY TERMITE TRAPS INSTALLED in your neighborhood. Ask them if they will guarantee and replace any warped pressure treated pine components of the fence! White Cedar Fence Vs Red Cedar – If that is true, then you need to check out an Electric Dog Fence. This gives it natural inhibitors to fight off rot and decay. Red and white cedar are both excellent choices We are so pleased that we went with white cedar for our decking. In general, redwood fence is more expensive than cedar because of the relative shortage of redwood tree. The redwood can be mentioned as more expensive wood than the cedar. I have seen a four year old fence White cedar fences typically last longer than red cedar fences do, often as much as 10 years longer. Cedar and pressure treated wood. White cedar fencing lasts longer than red cedar fencing. Wood fences installed by a professional fence service are some of the most attractive and useful property enclosures for a home, usually because there are so many different types of wood that can be used in a variety of ways. Choose the type you prefer. PEOPLE ARE SAYING. + dayNr); It’s tough to determine a winner in this category, but there is definitely a difference in appearance. Out west here, the predominate cedar is western red cedar and we use a lot of it for outdoor wood, shingles, shakes, boatbuilding, decks, fascia boards etc. You don’t need to artificially treat either of the materials. We understand that fencing is a crucial investment for you. Japanese Cedar- A newer product on the market in the US that shows promise as being a quality, lower cost alternative to Western Red Cedar. he has not had problems with white cedar warping and that he would replace the rare white var todaysDate =(" " You can rest assured that your project contains only Ontario- grown, forested and milled white cedar that is long lasting and environmentally-wise. if(dName==5) Day = "Thursday"; Whether your softwoods needs are for Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, or less common species, J. Gibson McIlvain can provide the quality softwood lumber that you need. If you’ve decided that your property requires increased security or privacy, a wood fence can offer solutions to both of these needs. Western red cedar, unless stained a different color, will naturally have a yellowish tone, while redwood has a noticeably more reddish-brown hue (there’s a reason it’s called “redwood”). When comparing cedar and vinyl fencing it is important to consider the upfront costs as well as additional costs for long-term maintenance and care. Fence installation is an investment, and for many homeowners price will play a primary role in their decision. For a fence spanning 150 linear feet, that works out to $2,250 to $4,500. Neverless, most reliable contractors will offer that service. Western red cedar from out west is said to be more rot resilient than eastern red For starters, wooden fence has a beautiful natural appearance. We offer high quality, effective and complete fence installation and repair services to residential and commercial property owners in the Metro Atlanta area. The fact that he is willing to replace excellent materials for constructing fences. Compared to the western red cedar, which can grow up to 200 feet tall, the eastern white cedar only reaches 30 to 60 feet. My one reservation is that the white They are also resistant to cracking, rotting, warping or weather damage because they have natural oils. An untreated fence made from Eastern red cedar could last 30 years. I live in Pennsylvania and have gotten quotes to Known for its graceful appearance and being incredibly strong for its small to medium size, the red cedar is found in the eastern and northern states of America. White cedar and red cedar are not noted as particularly strong woods. Project timelines are very important to our contractor customers and we concentrate on maintaining our on-time delivery record. You enjoy more flexibility in color choice with white cedar roofing compared to red cedar. Wood fences installed by a professional fence service are some of the most attractive and useful property enclosures for a home, usually because there are so many different types of wood that can be used in a variety of ways. if(mName==1) Month="January"; if(dName==1) Day = "Sunday"; if(dName==3) Day = "Tuesday"; It’s less prone to knotting. These two kinds of shingles vary in significant ways when it comes to color, style, durability, resistance to natural forces and eco-friendliness. Northern white cedar resists decay and insect infestation like its western red cousin, making it similarly suitable for outdoor projects, such as shingles, posts, and decking. Redwood is therefore more durable than cedar. Larger trees produce larger knots, and the larger knots have a high tendency to fall out over time. From the Pacific Northwest it is more prevalent for the weapon to be assembled on site since the terrain is very uneven and hilly, which makes it hard to utilize pre-fabricated panels. God doesn't even warrant the wood and he (she <-- for political + " " Northern White Cedar has been the natural choice for fencing for hundreds of years. Cedar does not warp or shrink and is a naturally stable material perfect for picket fence, ornamental fence, and private fence. Fence installation is an investment, and for many homeowners price will play a primary role in their decision. However, it is weaker than pressure-treated wood, and not as rot-resistant as red species. Cedar fence is also quite easy to maintain, so it will not cost your time and budget over time. Strength is 45,000 psi versus 61,000. var now = new Date(); The color becomes an icon for describing something. White cedar fencing lasts longer than red cedar fencing. If you are considering a custom home there are numerous decisions you have to make including what type of logs and timbers to build with? Knotting is a serious issue in fencing. woods. I do not have There are also two other terms under appearance grade Cedar: Clear and Knotty or STK. Plus, the tools love it. Look around your home and view the number of natural wood cedar vs treated pine fences in your area that have untreated wood! 1300 Ridenour Blvd. You can get those benefits by spending not really much money, When you are about to buy the product, always do some research and read the reviews from those who have bought one. Hence, our team goes the extra mile to ensure you get trustworthy and reliable service. Northern White Cedar fence boards have cells that absorb very little water or moisture. Eastern red cedar, commonly called the red cedar, eastern juniper, pencil cedar, and red juniper, is a species of dense, slow-growing conifers that belong to the genus Juniperus of the family Cupressaceae. Western Red Cedar: This species of lumber is best for any type of board or picket fence – as long as the bottom of the fence is not continually touching the ground. Copyright 1999 Hoover Fence Co. Red cedar is slightly stronger than white cedar fence. Red cedar, as its name implies, has a deep mahogany color and fine grain. On The Fence: Western Red Cedar vs. Pressure Treated Pine. They delineate, protect and define a property. When it comes to fences, both pine and cedar can be used interchangeably, depending on the owner’s preference. business man. I can get white cedar via my local lumberyard, at significant cost ($320/sq – pre-stained, two coat, #1 R&R, including freight to the lumber yard). CEDAR VS TREATED PINE FENCNG – CORRELATION BETWEEN KNOCK OFF CEDAR FENCES … As has already been discussed above, the cost of pine wood fence vs cedar wood is lower overall. What has been your experience concerning White cedar is one of the weakest, lightest-weight woods in the USA. Knotting is a serious issue in fencing. Eastern white cedar and western red cedar are two popular species of wood that, at first glance, you might have a little trouble distinguishing. White Cedar Shingles Pros. This beautiful wood will last many years with proper care. From wood to chain link, we work on different fencing materials, colors and styles. Cedar does not warp or shrink and is a naturally stable material perfect for picket fence, ornamental fence, and private fence. Western red cedar grows in the Pacific North West of the U.S. The… That’s a significant difference. However, maintenance of pine fence will also be higher in terms of your own time. It is naturally highly resistant to decomposition, displays a beautiful red hue, and is well-known for its aromatic woodsy smell. if(dName==2) Day = "Monday"; Knots in wooden fences are common. Fences stand out in a landscape. But, the price is still relative to the wood price based on the sizes and the place. The main differences between white cedar and red cedar are in terms of durability and strength. willing to give a warranty on wood, he is either a fool or a generous, honest, thoughtful absolute lowest cost, for reasons other than cost. Cedar vs. Vinyl - Pricing. Gene Wengert, technical advisor if(mName==7) Month="July"; replace a solid board and split rail fence. Eastern red cedar and western red cedar are the two varieties most commonly used for fence … Red Cedar is another popular choice when building a fence. The decay-fighting chemicals are in the greatest abundance in the tree's heartwood, the dense wood near the center of the trunk, and much less so in … On the other hand, cedar chips are browner in color. if(mName==9) Month="September";