Benjamin Franklin noted its prevalence in cleared and disturbed land as early as 1746. Therefore, the seeding rates for white clover appear low relative to other forages. Patrick wrote (3 Sep. 2012): I picked up white clover seed at my local Co-op Atlantic Farmers store in Sydney Nova Scotia - about $2.29 a pound. There are many animal and agronomic related reasons for establishing a productive stand of white clover in existing grass pastures. Tilling a month in advance will give any weeds time to regrow so you can remove them before planting. White clover can flower over a long period, especially when summers are wet. Most people grow White Dutch Clover in their lawns, or in garden paths. How to Plant. When seed is properly inoculated at time of planting, white clover can fix nitrogen from N2 in the atmosphere, requiring little or … Allow one to two weeks, or adequate die-off time, before planting. Clover seeds will do best if they don't have to compete with weeds while they're getting established. When large plots of white clover are grown for seed it is important to know the earliest time of harvesting and its duration. rates up to 300 pounds per acre. White clover prefers a pH range of 6.0 to 7.0. Once established, it produces This species tolerates more acidity than white and red clover (Whyte, 1953). White clover (Trifolium repens L.) is a cool season perennial legume of Mediterranean origin. 3. Next, take a soil sample. I did a soil test before planting and fertilized when I broadcast seeded the clover. Including white clover in a grass forage mix also increases the calcium concentration of the forage compared to grass alone. But it is only moderately drought tolerant when the different white clover plants are growing apart from each other. Begin by spraying for weeds. Zone Dates; 1: Call 800-688-3030x2 for dates: 2: Apr 1 - July 1: 3: Apr 15 - June 15 Aug 1 - Sept 1: 4: Coastal: Feb 1 - Mar 15 Coastal: Sept 1 - Oct 15 Southern Piedmont: Feb 15 - Apr 1 Southern Piedmont: Aug 15 - Oct 1 Mountain Valleys: Mar 1 - Apr 15 Mountain Valleys: Aug 1 - … Till the soil a month before planting. But make sure the sub-variety of white clover you choose is the right one, as they are not all equal in terms of nutrition. White clover seeds are relatively small and 1 lb of seed contains about 800,000 seeds. Topic: How Long it Takes for Clover Germination: Bill, I frost seeded my clover plots on Feb. 18. Crimson clover grows best on well-drained, fertile, loamy soils, and is adapted to sandy to clayey soils of moderate acidity (pH 5.5 to 7.0); it does not grow well on poorly-drained or highly alkaline soils (Clark, 2007; Knight, 1985). To remove all vegetation, rocks, and debris from the area, till or rake the soil to a depth of about eight inches (20 cm). However another popular planting time is at the end of winter/early spring for a later bloom. Hay or silage mixtures containing white clover should also contain red clover to increase the potential yield. Whitetail Clover Planting Dates. Mark wrote (May 17, 2012): In Mississauga, Dutch white clover seeds for lawns are available at Sheridan Nurseries on Southdown Rd and Rona on Argentia Rd. Low growing and nitrogen fixing, this is a great plant for bees and the health of your soil. Clover is not drought tolerant over large areas – Many people think that a clover lawn substitute solution is best because white clover seems to survive even the harshest drought. Seed harvesting begins when it is expected to achieve the highest yield … About an acre all total. Soil Preparation: Soil should be limed to a minimum pH of 6.0. White clover has been used as a forage in North America since Colonial times. Lime and fertilize as needed. Hubam is the most heat tolerant of all the clovers … In Central and South Texas, fall is the preferred planting time for this clover and it will bloom the following spring. I just left seed on top of the ground because we had heavy rains the next couple nights and have had ample rainfall since.